Monday, December 8, 2008

I Have an Elf!

That's right! I have an Elf. It all started on December 1st...we received a box and in it was a gift card. It also said we would receive one box a day for 25 days. Our "Elf" would bring it. My kids were more than excited and I was definitely humbled.
Jordan asked "Why us? Why did they choose us?"
Justin says "They (the elves) just like us"
I said "Well.. they must think we are pretty special"
The kids have been so excited each night in anticipation of the box arrival. They can't wait to see what the Elf has brought. The question is a good one...why us? Whatever the reason maybe someone must think we are special. To go out of their way to do this.
We are very grateful. We are humbled and lucky. Maybe one day we can do the same for someone else. So,here are our first 8 boxes. May God bless you our "Elf"


Kelly said...

That is so cool. Someone did the 12 days of Christmas to us a few years ago. I think I was more excited than the kids. :) You are definitely special.

Heather and Spencer said...

How fun! I remember when I was younger someone did the 12 Days of Christmas to my family and it was so fun! I agree with Kelly on this one, you are definitely special!

S.Miles said...

I want an ELF!! This is so not fair. Maybe you could leave a note for your ELF and let him (I dont know why I think it's a him, but ELF sounds male) know you have a very special friend!! :)