Thursday, December 4, 2008

My 10 Favorite Things During the Holidays

Here are a few of my 10 favorite things during the holidays:
1.Listening to Christmas music...I just love it!
2.Watching my two favorite Xmas movies...It's a Wonderful Life and Elf.
3.Baking goodies with my kids.
4.Seeing family you don't get to see often throughout the year.
5.Decorating the house with my kids.
6.Peppermint flavored hot chocolate.
7.Wearing scarves and gloves.
8.Seeing the temple Xmas lights.
9.Taking our yearly Xmas card pictures.
10.And the final thing is watching the hope and belief my kids have in the Xmas spirit. Seeing their innocence. And realizing that even though the hustle and bustle of the season is there..they remember what the true meaning of Xmas is.
And those are my 10 favorite things!!


Heather and Spencer said...

Love the decorations! Now you just need to add the lights!

S.Miles said...

There are so many things I learned about you from this post. Who knew you loved wearing a scarf and gloves?? Gave me more reasons to love you!!